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Since time began, ‘beautiful’ has been the currency of the world’s artists, designers, poets, conservationists and architects. Something that is beautiful, however brief, leaves an impression that last a lifetime and so it is no secret that style and form underpins desire. With an unquenchable thirst and passion for machines, propulsion and engines, this website is dedicated to beautiful and luxurious day boats, tenders, chase and shadow boats.

We have a shared love for superboats because they offer us the most luxurious, exhilarating and memorable experiences. Moments of beauty. Moments of exhilaration. Moments that we crave to create, repeat, celebrate and share. This passion drove us to collate this remarkable grouping of boats that were ever more luxurious, faster, thrilling and comfortable; each experience more intoxicating than the previous one.

We don’t just sell boats that are exhilarating to drive and jaw-dropping to look at. Our benchmark is the art of passion, the form of beauty and the foundations for memories. It drives us to collate the most accomplished nautical art in the world. An approach that fuels us to source boats that are each time more desirable and more thrilling to drive than before.

Let us welcome you to a new class of boating.

Pleasure Beyond Compare

A superboat is a vessel that combines luxuriousness, sculptural beauty, speed, handling, unique design and represents the pinnacle of nautical art. A superboat is the maritime equivalent of a supermodel or a race horse. There are, of course, some basic criteria for measuring whether a boat should be considered a superboat or not. Things to consider: the level of sophistication and luxuriousness, the prowess of speed and handling, and the appeal of style and rarity – all of these have to be super in a superboat. In conclusion, a superboat is a boat that changes your idea of what a boat is and what a boat can do.

Great design doesn’t get in the way; it distills the complex nature of a boat into something that is utterly simple and makes sense. This means there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for boats that are superboats: intricate lines, subtle changes in form, engineering that enhances the enjoyment, a high level of quality and custom experience do little to embody true greatness when each element is examined in isolation. The cohesiveness of all these elements combined is what creates a seamless and elegant end-product; a superboat.